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Water is the major source for human lives for ever. we all phasing problems to get good drinking water. still we can find water shortage problems in most village.
Now a days nobody interested in carefully using water, sustainability of water resources. Day by day shortage of water is increasing because of less internal water and polluting available water. Even Government has already been taking initiatives towards supplying drinking water to many villages.

So we voluntarily take initiative about creating awareness about water and its sources. We guide the common people about value of water and its source. How water is more important. We encourage and guide the people to save water in the form of limited usage, rain water harvesting and not to pollute the water. Also we forcefully encourage to plant a tree to save water.

Because if nature is alive, human can breath and live, else we all dead.
Not only drinking, water is much needed for agriculture, We guide farmers about forming with less water usage, there are many ways, like green forming, hydroponics.