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Farmers are one of the backbone of our country. From someny years farmers were fighting with problems and challenges in agriculture due to imbalance of nature.

In our country, most of poor farmers getting less income from agriculture due to excessive of heat, imbalance raining, and pests, chemical furtilzers. Becuase of poor income in agruculture, farmers are going out of agriclute and to lead normal life with shifting to cities for different works.

Our trusts will work on creating awareness to farmers, about good and valuable knowledge about farming and how importent it is to all to farmer. By oing campain about agricultere in school and colleges, so young generation will realise about real and impartent value about farmers and farming also they will adopt agricultre as part of their life.

Now days agriculture can be doing by using modern technology. example hydropanics farming. Our trust will help farmers with assisation with agricultre expertise about spreading and sharing infirmation about, adopting science and technlogy in forming to get development with high income to serve better food to build better livehood and country.

When our farmer get healty and wealthy, our country will became strong and serve better health present and future generation.

Bringing knowledge about Organic farming will help farmers to increase sustainability, biodiversity, and to encourage good soil and air quality. This is maintained by the use of natural growing practices, the avoidance of harmful chemicals, and the continued practice of crop rotation and other natural farming methods. Organic food is healthier because contain no residues of any synthetic chemicals but also due to the fact that it is more nutritiou.