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In a resource-scarce world that is becoming increasingly exposed to climate change, preservation of the environment is an imperative, and sustainability is the way forward for survival.

Extent of climate change affecting our region, natural imbalance and healthy living can create adverse, long-term consequences, affecting future generations as well.
We encourage to endeavour to go beyond improving subsistence levels of individuals and communities, Also we encourage to building new eco-systems of climate change.


These days due to deforestation, we are well aware of the effects of global warming. Deforestation and industrialisation has led to a host of issues like scarcity of rains, rise in temperature, air pollution etc. in a direct and indirect way. Humans are facing many issues like, life threatening diseases due to lack of rains caused by the cutting of trees.


The only way we can stop and reverse the trend, is by increasing the green cover of mother earth. So as our contribution towards this we, Srinivas Kasoju Foundation, Sedam, have been Planting saplings , Nursing and taking care of them. Until now, we have planted around 25,000 saplings and are nurturing and protecting them.


We visit Ooty, Kodaikanal, Kulu Manali, Shimla and such tourist places spending lots of money to enjoy nature. Let’s make our places greener and cooler by planting more trees.


We dig 1000 ft for water today, if we had dug 3ft and planted a sapling, we would have not faced this today. Let each human who breathes, give back to nature by planting a sapling and nurturing it. Hope our next generation will be happy and safe.